A Note on Health& Fitness

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We all know what the food pyramid is and what it can do to us. Even when we were still younger, we are told to eat a complete meal to make sure we grow healthy and strong. This is actually true but as we grow older, we also have our own preference in food where mom and dad can’t force you to eat anything else. Having healthy eating habits is cultivated in the minds of the young. They should be educated on what these foods ca do to their bodies.

Foods that are sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are not even hard to find because these are simply found in vegetables ad fruits. Some may hear about antioxidant and may think that they can easily acquire it by purchasing over the counter vitamin. This can be true but it is also better if you can easily get it straight from the food you can eat, why spend more? The reason why you need to have antioxidants in your body is to make sure that there will be something in you to counter free radicals that speeds up aging and sickness.

Aside from excessive weight, another aspect where people are very particular about is their appearance. If someone sees them and mistakes them as someone older than what their real age is, it really does great damage to their ego as well as their confidence. This is not an issue for women alone. There are men who are also bearing this concern. If you are already comfortable in eating a balanced meal then you wouldn’t have any problem with fast aging or skin degeneration. This is a very common issue nowadays because of the scorching heat of the sun. Be sure to be ready because truly, your health is your wealth.